Why UV rays are bad for your health and furniture

There are many reasons to get a window tinting treatment for your vehicle, home or office from the professionals at Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters. For one thing, your car gets a stylish look. Crooks will have a hard time deciding whether to break in, then a more difficult time breaking in because the glass won't shatter as easily with the film holding it together. You'll cut down the glare. However, a major reason why you want window tinting is because it blocks out harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. These UV rays can cause a lot of trouble, which is why this treatment is so important.

Damage from the sun
UV rays take two different forms, UV-A and UV-B rays. These rays cause different effects, and they can cause some harm to you and your family. This is especially the case when you're taking a long drive across the country, or visiting another place. These rays can even penetrate through clouds, so you shouldn't assume that you're safe in the winter months, especially with your vehicle.

More importantly, UV rays have harmful effects for you and your family. At the most basic level UV-A rays can damage your skin cells, causing them to age. Your skin will start to wrinkle, and you'll begin to look old prematurely. This can have other effects as well. If you stay in the sun too long, you'll get sunburn from UV-B rays, which are short-term but can be very painful while it heals. These pains, however, pale in comparison to getting skin cancer, the most commonly occurring cancer in the world. Overexposure to UV rays of both kinds can lead to this disease. You can start to see why window tinting in your vehicle and home can be very good for your health.

There are other health factors as well. While you may avoid direct eye contact with the sun, there's still a risk of exposure to UV rays, and those can directly harm your eyes, causing cataracts and macular degeneration. If left untreated, both of these conditions lead to blindness. In addition, constant exposure to UV rays can suppress the immune system's ability to function, which can lead to skin cancer and similar diseases. While these effects only occur during prolonged exposure to sunlight, you should still take these situations into consideration when looking into window tinting.

Hurting the home
Ultraviolet rays can be very damaging to other things as well, particularly furnishings. For your car, UV rays can cause significant damage over time. They can dehydrate vinyl and leather, as well as other upholstery. When these materials lose their water content, they get brittle and begin to crack, first as a hairline, then more. This can warp the shape of your car seats, dashboard, and steering column, which can affect the condition and resale value of the car. This makes window tinting important even when you're not in the car.

Similarly, furnishings both in the car and house can be affected by UV rays in a different way. The ultraviolet light affects the color of the fabric or material, cause it to fade. This process is known as bleaching. It can turn the color of your furnishing into something whiter and blander. It not only looks awful, but makes it reduces the value of these furnishings. This is not just limited to furniture, and can include carpets and flooring, curtains and wallpaper. All these effects may require extensive effort and money to refurbish. That's why having window tinting treatments through SmartView can help homeowners preserve the condition of their living rooms and other homes.

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