Alta Mere General Warranty Provisions

Purchaser shall assume responsibility for compliance with state and local laws, regulations and ordinances in all states where vehicle is operated, as such relate to the use of products purchased at Alta Mere.

Alta Mere is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or its contents while parked on or about the premises. Alta Mere is not responsible for unrelated, incidental, or pre-existing conditions, defects, or faults in vehicle not caused by Alta Mere or its employees.

All products sold by Alta Mere will be warranted under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. Installation is warranted for one year from date of purchase at the original installing store. Warranty work that requires "bay" time is performed Tuesday - Friday at 8:00 AM or 1:00 PM. There will be no warranty work performed on Saturday. If warranty work is performed at a different location, the material will be warranted under the manufacturer’s applied warranty, but there will be a charge for applicable labor. It will be the center's hourly rate times number of hours to perform said work. Any discounts in this rate will be up to the sole discretion of the franchisee.

Regarding window tint, a five-percent tolerance for bubbles, specs, airborne contamination, and some imperfections is allowable and will be accepted as perfect work. Alta Mere cannot be responsible for rear defroster damage while removing existing window tint. All repairs are the responsibility of the customer. Never use ammonia, alcohol, or vinegar-based products to clean your window tint. Alta Mere recommends Solar Solution cleaner for the most effective and safe way to maintain your film.

Customer's exclusive remedy for any cause relating to a transaction is customer's return of the vehicle to the Alta Mere store where the original work was performed. Proper installation of product or service will be considered by customer to be full remedy of customer's damage, if any. Customer has been informed that the Alta Mere store is independently owned and operated. Customer agrees that it looks to the Alta Mere store and not to Alta Mere Industries, Inc. with respect to any consideration or damages incurred as a result of any transaction. In any event any claims or damages will not exceed the total amount of work performed by the Alta Mere store.

An Independent Customer Relations Department has been assigned by Alta Mere Industries to assist in non-binding mediation of any disputes. Should the customer and the Alta Mere store have an unresolved dispute or inquiry, the customer may contact the Customer Relations Department P.O. Box 354, Midlothian, Il. 60445, (888-227-8468) for assistance in mediating a resolution.

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